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Monday, 28 February 2011

 Just thought i would start by talking about things that i like and enjoy. As you may have seen by the picture Audrey Hepburn is a favourite of mine as i feel she represents natural beauty inside and out and i agree with a lot of the powerful comments she made. 

I am a lover for make up and i love how make up can express someones emotions and hobbies etc just through make up. It gives me confidence like it does everyone else who wears it. I love doing reviews on different products and trying different things out! Check out my youtube channel and get to know a bit more about me! 

Wow, liking blogging already!

Well, finally here I am on Blog spot been wanting to do this for ages. Well i'm looking forward for sharing my tips of the trade with you and we can have lots of chats about make up, hair, nails EVERYTHING! Review's will be on there way and i am a cat lover so beware :) Follow me it is free and i will try and make it worth your while!