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Monday, 4 July 2011

Hello everyone! So i thought i should really get in to blogging as i made a blog and have never done a proper blog post! So now i have finished for the summer and have a lot more time on my hands i thought i would get cracking with this blog! 

So i'm going to do my 'Summer Favs' as most people like to call and as you will had probably gathered it is just products that i am really liking for the summer time! So here we go! P.S sorry some of the photo's are the wrong way i have learnt my lesson however it is 2.00 am in the morning and i don't have the energy to go back and take the pictures again :) 

So my first product is the DKNY 'Be Delicious' perfume. I love it for the summer because it is so light and smells very fruity! 

My Next product is a product that i use a lot and it is the 'batistee dry shampoo' as i'm trying to grow my hair therefore avoiding washing it as much this is great for those days in between washes! 

Sticking to hair products, my next favourite is the 'Pantene Perfect Curls Curl Creating Gel Spray' fwwoooff that was a mouth full! So i use this when my hair is damp and give my hair a bit if a scrunch and it give a loose beach wave look with takes 2 mins worth of effort but looks great for the summer! 

The next item is the 'Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub' this is one of my favourite exfoliators of ALL time! the tiny little beads in it really give your skin a good scrub without hurting my sensitive skin and leave me smelling lush!  

Now on to make up products, this is my favourite thing all together at the moment and it is the MAC Big Bounce Shadow in 'Good Fortune' it is a lovely pinky cream/mouse great for a quick effortless summer look! People don't tend to like these as they crease, however if you find a good primer or if you use it on its own just keep rubbing it in slightly every so often then its fine! 

My favourite blush this summer is MAC's blush in Mocha, it is a lovely subtle plumy pink, it gives a very natural matt look perfect for those summer nights but can be worn both in the day and night! 

I couldn't pick a favourite lipstick so i had to cheat and pick too, i know cheeky! They are both quite similar colours, however the Beauty UK is a bit darker. The Mac lipstick on the left is call 'LOVELORN' it is a beautiful pink lustre lip stick and glides on beautifully! On the other hand they Beauty UK lip stick has a very strong minty smell and doesn't go on as smooth but is still a beautiful matt colour, it is number 3  'Snob'.  

This next product is my all time favourite product for all year round! It is by far the best liquid eyeliner i have EVER tried it is remarkable and i would highly recommend it! The Loreal Super Liner glides on so well and is so easy to use and is perfect when it comes to a simple eyeliner look or a flick! 

My favourite foundation this summer has to be the Revlon PhotoReady, it gives a effortless dooey finish great for the summer, it stays on most of the day and does not make my skin break out like the colour stay foundation did. 

My last product is obviously a mascara and i chose the Rimmel London Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara. Even though the name is quite cringy as they have tried to be 'cool' and 'down with the kinds' by using the number 2 it is a great mascara, with the magical double wand in one principal it offers the best of both worlds, great for creating several looks for the summer and lasts all day without flaking however a bit of a warning it is quite a wet consistency so give it time to dry! 

Thank you so much for reading please follow and let me know what you think! 
Lots of love!