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Friday, 23 September 2011

Elf Haul! (Very Picture Heavy)

Hola my beautiful blog followers! I'm back with a wonderful Elf haul! I recently took advantage of Elf's 50% sale which makes Elf's normal reasonable cheap prices even cheaper! So lets crack on! 

The first think i got was a Duo Eye Shadow Cream. I have wanted to try this for a while so when the 50% sale came around i thought just go for it! I have been using it for the lsat couple of days and so far so good! 

Duo Eyeshadow Cream: Dawn  

The shadows are extremely soft and very easy to work with however the do crease like no bodies business if you don't apply a primer before hand ( or just add a bit of eyeshadow under of on top of the cream eyeshadow and it doesn't seem to crease as much).  

The next products is a re purchase: it is the eye lid primer. I love this primer so much! I personally have never tried the Urban Decay primer potion so i can't say how it compares to that but i do love it! 
 Primer: Sheer 

The applicator is nice and i love how it doesn't leave too much product on the applicator. 

As it is called 'Sheer' once the primer is rubbed in you can't tell you have got it on which therefor makes it suitable to wear with any eyeshadow. 

This is my first blush from Elf as i have herd that Elf swatches are awful so i thought that it was pointless buying something that i thought i liked when actually in real life i hated it but i was feeling very daring when i placed this order! 

( This is wear i practice my awful camera skills! 

I give a lovely flush of colour to the skin and as it has a warm undertone it is great for Autumn! 

This is the swatch on the website, which i don't think is awful but i thought it looked more peachy in the swatch on the website! 

This was the product that i was very surprised with! IT is HUGE! It looked tiny to me on the website so i was happily surprised when i un packaged it! 

Bronzed : £3.50 

This is the swatch from the Elf website which i don't think is a bad match! 

My last item was the Studio 10 Piece brush set! This is the product that i was most excited about receiving and i have mixed feelings about it so far. The face brushes are not very dense which makes them a little difficult to work with but i'm not going to say that i definitely don't like the as i have only used them twice! 

One thing that i do really love about the brushes is that they have what they should be used for written on the handle and i think it makes them look a lot more professional and when i am doing tutorials on my youtube channel it helps been able to tell people the exact brush i am using! 

Hope you liked this post if you aren't already following please do so it makes me happy! Lots of love! 


  1. Great haul! Loved all of the products, I really need to try out some ELF products! x

  2. thanks charlotte you really should! but they are very hit and miss but for the price its ok :)