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Thursday, 4 August 2011

My M.A.C Collection & Review

Hello my lovelies! I'm here to show you my tiny M.A.C collection and my thoughts on the products that i own! 


I don't have many items from M.A.C ( a mere 6!) however i have already fallen in love with M.A.C! The quality of the products (98% of the time) is impeccable! I really like the packaging the pigmentation and the variety of colours! 

M.A.C Big Bounce Shadow - Good Fortune 

This product was used on me when i went to M.A.C for a 1hour make up application. I loved the way the make up lady (great grammar Genevieve!) used it on my eye and i just loved the all around look of it especially the colour! 

It is a mouse type texture however it is slightly lighter and more runny.  It comes in a range of 16 colours from neutral to bright. It is priced at £13.50 which i think is quite reasonable.  

However i find it very difficult to apply, the way it appears on the eye is very sparse, it is very hit and miss, some times it can look drop dead gorgeous other times you can hardly tell you have got it on! But when you get it right it looks AMAZING! 

Studio Sculpt Foundation 
Next Product is the Studio Sculpt Foundation,  lurrrvvveeeeeee this foundation so much! I haven't been using it that long as i was using the Revlon PhotoReady but it broke me out and my skin didn't like it and my sister Liv was using the Studio Scuplt and her skin didn't like it so we did a swap, and i love this and she loves the Revlon PhotoReady so bonus! 

Shade: NW15  

I'm not sure wether this shade is slightly too dark as Liv bought it for her holiday when she was more tanned, but it is still wearable it does not make me orange at all just leaves me with a healthy tanned glow! 

It gives such a smooth finish and is so soft to the skin! It is is priced at £23.00 which i find very pricy and probably wouldn't have paid that before as i have herd that M.A.C foundations aren't really the best but as my sister bought it i thought i would give it a try, knowing how good it is now i would go out and buy it with my own money i love it that much! 

Next up is a blusher, when i went to the M.A.C near me the make up lady did not use this exact blush, she used a cream blush but i mentioned that i wanted to start buying things that i was going to use almost everyday and get the use out of them. She then suggested that if i like the blush that she used on me (which i did!) then i should get a powder one which is basically the same as the cream one she used on me as they are better for everyday use! 

Blush: Mocha 

On the M.A.C website they describe the colour as "Soft Plum Pink" which i think is spot on, however i do think this is more of a winter blush than summer one but it is too nice to store away! 

This is priced at £17.00 which i can imagine you going "wooow really?!" yes yes i know it is very expensive but in my eyes soooo worth it! 

It brings a really lovely natural pink matt colour to the skin and compliments any age skin!  

I only own one M.A.C lipstick and i treasure it because i adore it that much! 

It is a lustre lipstick with a gorgeous vanilla smell. 

Lipstick: Lovelorn 

I like to describe this as a 'better than lip colour'. I like to use it as a everyday pinky nude colour as it seems to go nicely with every outfit. 

There isn't much need for a lip balm under it as it is already very kind to the lips! This lipstick is priced at £13.50, i think this is obviously quite a lot more expensive than drug store lipsticks when you can most likely find a really good dupe! However i think that the pigmentation, the smell and how long it lasts really does put it above drug store lipsticks. 

I have three M.A.C eyeshadows and i love all three of them! The first one is a shimmery champaign colour and is perfect for every day wear all over the lid! The colour that is shown on the website does not give this eyeshadow any justice i actually didn't like it at  all on the website but when i saw it in store i really liked it. 

It is one of the best shimmer eyeshadows i have used as i much prefer matt eyeshadows to shimmer as i feel they suit my eyes more but this one did in fact win me over! 

It is obviously highly pigmented and easy to blend and all in all is a pleasure to use, and for £11.50 is brill!

Next is a shimmery pink eyeshadow that i thought would be great for most days when i want a pink and brown look. I was slightly disappointed with it as it seems too shimmery. However it is still a nice colour. 

Eyeshadow: Da Bling 

I do HATE the name so much when i mention it in youtube videos i just want to cringe every time i say it, and it almost puts me off wanting to use it! 

Despite the awful name it is still a nice eyeshadow and i have found myself using it on a regular basis ever since i purchased it! 

The last eyeshadow is by far my favourite one out of all three! It is a Matt brown and i use it everyday! 

Eyeshadow: Haux 

In my eyes it does seem to have a pinky under tone to it which i love as i tend to use it with other pink shades. 

I love the texture of it and for £11.50 i think it is outstanding, and i will keep repurchasing this for as long as they sell it! 

I hope you didn't mind this very long post but since my last post a few people had requested to see all of my M.A.C products and my thoughts on them! 
Please comment down below, thanks for stopping by my lovelies! 


  1. Love the studio sculpt foundation! i'd love it if you checked out my blog sometime. Livvy x