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Thursday, 28 July 2011


I thought i would share with you my new obsession with Decopatch! 

Decopatch is basically colaging! 
I have decopatched my chair and almost finished decopatching my desk! 
You can do it on anything wooden but you do need special decopatch paper and glue! 
It is so easy even if you a re generally awful at all things arty like me! 
I think it is something really different and unique and looks amazing! 

You can get a range of patterned paper on Ebay! 
I have done a youtube video on it showing you how i did it! You can find that buy just clicking this link and it will take you straight to the video! 

Lots of love my beautiful bloggers! 

My love for Cath Kidston!

I thought i would share with you my love for Cath Kidston! I have a few products now and i looveeee them! They do such a range of products and they have such pretty paterns plus they are such good quality! 
I have a large cream bag with has a pink flower printed on it with light green and grey dots. 

Its a HUGE bag! I used it when i slept over night in the hospital recently looking after my boyfriends sister! 

I have another bag which isn't as deep but it is wider and longer! And i think i will be using this as a school bag in september! 
It is a lovely colour and i LOVE the pattern on it! 
These are prised at around £40-50 but they are so worth it the quality is amazing!? 

The next on in my collection is a make up bag! It is a really light ice blue colour with a peach and cream floral pattern. 
It has one main zip pocket then a small one at the front. 

I call it my Mary Poppins Make Up bag as the room seems to be endless! 

My last thing is a purse! IT is shocking pink with white poker dots and i think this is my favourite item out of the lot!

It accomodates all of my purse needs! It has several card slots and a pocket for change! 

I think of off these items are perfect for the summer as the patterns as BEAUTIFUL! 

Lots of love to my wonderful Bloggers! 
MUA is a Superdrug own brand, where originally everything was priced at £1. They have recently brought out a new professional range where the prices have been slightly increased but so has the quality! Overall in the past i have found that MUA products are generally hit and miss. But this palette is definitely a HIT! 
This is a great every day palette and i think a lot of people will get a lot of use out of it! They retail at £4 which i think is brill for 12 highly pigmented eyeshadows! That is 0.3333333333333333333p (you get the point) per eyeshadow?!

They are all shimmer colours, which for me is a bit of a let own because i do love my matt colours! 

The pigmentation of the colours is AMAZING! I was dazzled when i swatched them! The colours mix so well together and blend super duper well! 

Next time you pop in to your local Superdrug stop by the MUA stand a check out there new palettes! 

Have you tried the new palettes? What do you think? 

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