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Thursday, 28 July 2011

MUA is a Superdrug own brand, where originally everything was priced at £1. They have recently brought out a new professional range where the prices have been slightly increased but so has the quality! Overall in the past i have found that MUA products are generally hit and miss. But this palette is definitely a HIT! 
This is a great every day palette and i think a lot of people will get a lot of use out of it! They retail at £4 which i think is brill for 12 highly pigmented eyeshadows! That is 0.3333333333333333333p (you get the point) per eyeshadow?!

They are all shimmer colours, which for me is a bit of a let own because i do love my matt colours! 

The pigmentation of the colours is AMAZING! I was dazzled when i swatched them! The colours mix so well together and blend super duper well! 

Next time you pop in to your local Superdrug stop by the MUA stand a check out there new palettes! 

Have you tried the new palettes? What do you think? 

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