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Monday, 19 September 2011

Where have i been?

So.... where have i been? 

I know i don't have loads of followers on here blog, but all 22 of you mean so much to me! I have definitely learnt that blogging (for me) is a lot harder than youtubing! I found it a lot easier to get going on youtube, however i am determined to make this blog work as i love reading other peoples blog and i enjoy blogging! 

So Genna where have you been?! Well i have just started sixth form and the first two weeks have not gone as smoothly as i had hoped but it is slowly getting better! I have also felt a bit under the weather with a cold and a sore throat this past week. 

If you have any requests on what you want to blog about ( subtle hint for requests) i would be more than happy to hear them! 

Hope you all are well! 

How has your week gone? 

Love you all! 

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